What We Believe

The following are the core beliefs of TRUTH MATTERS based on the foundational truths taught in the bible. All of our teaching and ministry is rooted in and flows out of these biblical doctrines.


We believe there is only one God who is omniscient “all knowing”, omnipotent “all powerful”, omnipresent “present everywhere”, and who is sovereign, holy, just, true, all-loving, and the creator of everything that exists, and who also is infinite and eternal.  We further believe, He is immutable.  He does not change.


We believe God is three in one.  God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


We believe that Jesus is God.  That he was born of a virgin, became a man, and is fully God and fully man.  He is perfect and sinless, and that no one can come to God the Father in prayer, in repentance and salvation, or enter Heaven except through Him.


The Word of God:  We believe that the Bible is the “fully inspired” Word of God.  We further believe the Bible written in its original manuscripts are without error and was divinely given to men of faith.

GOD'S PLAN OF Salvation

We believe that humans were created by God Almighty and created in his image and likeness.  We believe that all have sinned, and that death entered the world through the disobedience of Adam, the first man.  We also believe that sin separates us from God and that Jesus’ death on the Cross was a substitutionary sacrifice to redeem mankind from sin.  He died and paid the price for our sins so that we might be spiritually born-again and live eternally with God our Father.


We believe the place known as Hell or Hades in the Bible, is a real place of punishment for the unsaved, and an eternal place of separation from God.


We believe there will be a rapture of the Church (those believers who have been born-again) before the end of this present age, and before the return of Jesus.  We further believe that Jesus Christ will return to Earth as prophesied in the Bible by men of God.  We also believe that born-again Christians will be raised from the dead when Jesus returns to Earth.  We further believe there will be a final judgment of the wicked, and that Satan, will be thrown into a lake of fire.  Finally, we believe that God will create a new heaven and a new earth.