Mission and Vision


Empower men and women in the Christian faith to teach biblical truth in the culture and the marketplace of ideas; using the Bible, as a sacred trust of truth in sharing the message of Jesus to the nation and to the world. 


We Accomplish and Advance This Through:


  • Broadcast and digital media


  • Music Ministry


  • Personal evangelism and evangelistic meetings and campaigns


  • Enabling and equipping evangelists, teachers and preachers to advance their respective ministries; especially those, without the support of local churches and ministries

  • Provide ministry credentials and membership fellowship to evangelists, teachers, and preachers in need of spiritual covering, prayer, logistical, and financial support

  • Training through classroom instruction, conferences, workshops, and field experiences

  • Evangelistic and faith-based publications, print media and advertising campaigns to advance the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus


The Truth Project will reach the globe with biblical truth in the culture and in the marketplace of ideas-- utilizing multiple platforms of media, music, mass communication, marketing, evangelistic campaigns, and equipping the saints for the call to evangelize the world.


Furthermore, we exist to be effective at the teaching of biblical truth and God’s redemptive plan -- First, to the lost sheep of America, and, secondly, to the church.


Our ministry focus is outward and not inward.  We do not exist to necessarily reach or compete with people within the local church, but to reach the unchurched of America and the unsaved of the world.  We are an end-time ministry working with other believers to witness the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus and to also help gather the great harvest of souls!


It is further the aim of the Truth Project to assist, edify, encourage, and strengthen men and women of God, equipping them to teach biblical truth and to intellectually and gracefully defend the faith in a rapidly changing culture and wicked world.  Providing them with resources as a means of strengthening and advancing their ministries; as they seek to evangelize the unsaved, disciple believers, and rescue those who have fallen from the grace of God.


We believe that if we and our ministry partners take Jesus to the nation and to the world that lives will be changed forever and eternally.