Mission & Vision

The Mission

Empower men and women in the Christian faith to teach biblical truth in the culture and the marketplace of ideas, using the Bible as a sacred trust of truth in sharing the message of Jesus to the world.

How We Do This

  • Broadcast and digital media
  • Personal evangelism and meetings/campaigns 
  • Equipping evangelists, teachers and preachers
  • Conferences, workshops, field experiences
  • Evangelistic and faith-based publications
  • Social media and advertising campaigns

The Vision

Equipping the saints through multiple platforms of media, music, mass communication, marketing and evangelistic campaigns to teach biblical truth and God’s redemptive plan of salvation to a lost world.

Our Ministry Focus

  • Outward and not inward
  • Reach the unchurched and the unsaved
  • End-time ministry 
  • Working with other believers 
  • Witness the fulfillment of Jesus 
  • Help gather the great harvest of souls

If we and our ministry partners take Jesus to our nation
and to the world, lives will be changed forever and eternally.

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